Shipping and Delivery delivers to mainland Norway, Europe and the United States. If you have questions about delivery outside of these, please contact our sales department via email or call us on tel. (+47) 23 23 00 51. only offers weight based delivery. This means that we have pre-selected the cheapest shipping option for you as a customer.

Up to 1kg, uses ‘goods letter’ from PostNord. ‘Goods letter’ is a common method of delivery which will be delivered to your mailbox on your address. If the shipment does not fit in the mailbox, it will be hung on the mailbox or delivered to the doormat in a weatherproof bag. You will have the ability to track your ‘goods letter’ until the point of delivery. If your order does not meet the criteria for a ‘goods letter’, we will send this with ‘MyPack’. From 1kg to 35kg ‘MyPack’ from PostNord will be used. On weights over this we use ‘cargo’ from PostNord. The upper weight limit is 1000kg. You will be given information on postage at checkout. Remember to use the correct billing address and delivery address!

Shipping to Europe and the United States.
Up to 1kg we use ‘FirstClass Letter’ (this is without tracking number). From 0 kg up to 20 kg we use Pick Up Parcel (This is with tracking number). The maximum allowable weight is 20kg. You will get information on postage at checkout. Remember to use the correct billing address and delivery address! Costs for tax and customs can occur, check the laws and regulations applicable to your country.

Volume Weight:
‘Volume weight’ calculations are the transportation industry's way to convert a volume to a weight. The freight weight will then be either the ‘volume weight’ or actual weight, whichever is higher.

Packaging and delivery:
Packing of products in we have in stock takes approximately 0-4 working days after the order date, as indicated on the order confirmation. Delivery will take 4-8 days in Europe and the United States with First Class Letter.

Delivery time:
Delivery time varies with different shipping methods and on where in the country the package will be sent.

Payment Methods:
We use ePay as payment options.

Delivery to private customers:
Only the shipping methods that are valid for your customer segment are visible at checkout.

You can collect your order from our warehouse. Select the option Collect@Warehouse. You will receive an e-mail when your order is ready for pickup.