Our new website

First and foremost, welcome to our new site!

Gurudiscgolf.no is a brand new website published January 4, 2016. The site contains a wide variety of Frisbee golf discs, as well as bags and other accessories.

The starting point is the idea of customising the purchase of discs for you as a customer. Many people wanted to buy disks in an exact weight and colour, here you can do that! In addition, we have added some special features on the page to make it easier for you to find what you want.

Here’s how the new process works. You first select the desired weight, then the available colours will appear on the screen. Once these choices are implemented the item can be added to your basket.

The next news with our website is that you can search for your desired disc based on property. These properties appear in the main product, on the right side. On the frontage at the bottom under products you will find our search monitor. This lets you search for specific tool. For this reason you will also see that Discraft now has a flight rating. Once you have completed your search, you can easily add any disk you want to your basket (after you have selected any variables). If the search button does not appear in your browser, you may want to adjust the zoom setting.

We would also recommend comparing products. Here you will get features, product information, images and prices of the individual discs.

In addition, you will find a video gallery with instructional videos, tournament coverage and "in the bag” sections. The latter also provides a shortcut to the featured player.

We hope you are as pleased with the site as we are. Enjoy :)