Environment and recycling

Guru Disc Golf/Sune Sport AS (after described as guru disc golf) is a member of Grønt Punkt Norge AS and Renas. We actively participate in the collection and recycling of packaging, and the return of electrical waste.

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Electrical and electronic waste (E-Waste) contains components that can be harmful to the environment. E-waste contains a lot of metal, so it is important to recycle. It is therefore important that consumer supplies discarded E-waste with a dealer or a municipal receiving station so that environmental toxins in products are processed correctly and the rest of the product is recovered.

Guru Disc Golf is both an importer and distributor of electrical and electronic products, and has therefore obligations under the regulations in relation to producer responsibility (as an importer) and as a dealer.

Guru Disc Golfs responsibilities as an importer:
Discarded electrical and electronic products:
As an importer of electrical and electronic products, Guru Disc Golf utilises and funds a system of collection, sorting, reuse, recycling, disposal and other treatments of E-waste through membership of a collective recycling company that is approved by the Climate and Pollution Agency. Komplett fulfils these obligations through Elsirk’s return system for E-waste.

Guru Disc Golf also seeks in all of its sales and information material to inform that E-waste may not be disposed of with other waste.

Guru Disc Golf responsibility as a dealer:
Discarded electrical and electronic products:
Guru Disc Golf accepts household E-waste free of charge. Guru Disc Golf also accepts industrial E-waste free of charge with new purchases of similar amounts of electronic/electrical products.

The receivers duties are limited to similar products Guru Disc Golf sells or has previously sold, but are not limited to brand or make. Similar products means products belonging to the same product range that have the same function as those sold on the filing date. The obligation applies regardless of sales volume or sales period, and for one year after the last corresponding EE product is sold.

The regulation specifies that when electronic or electrical goods are sold and/or delivered outside 
the shops location, as for e-commerce, Guru Disc Golf shall, according to Norwegian legislation establish an effective system for shipping and receiving similar amounts of E-waste. Guru Disc Golf welcomes waste at our warehouse free of charge.

Address .: Østre Aker vei 203, 0975 Oslo, Norway

Guru Disc Golf ensures that E-waste submitted shall not entail a risk of pollution or damage to people or animals. The possibility of reuse, recycling and sorting of components of E-waste shall not be reduced.

Everything which has/needs a battery or power outlet to work properly, shall when it is scrapped , be submitted for environmental clean-up and recovery.