Glow Metal Flake C-Line MD3 Iron Samurai

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Those who learn discipline learn a deadly skill, and none were more disciplined or deadly than the legendary samurai. Eagle’s deadly precision and discipline on the course has given way for his Glow Metal Flake C-Line MD3, The Iron Samurai.

Eagle’s signature series Glow Metal Flake C-Line MD3 has enough stability to make this an extremely reliable midrange. The Iron Samurai has a stable flight meaning it’ll fly down the fairway straight with a trusted fade at the end. Players who throw harder will see a slight turn but won’t experience a full turnover on this disc. The Glow Metal Flake plastic has a slight give in the flight plate allowing for players to maintain a good grip on the disc while still featuring rigidity in the rim so you can trust that you’ll get a consistently good feel in the hand every time.

Bring a deadly edge to your midrange game and pick up Eagle’s Iron Samurai!

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