About us

Sune Sport AS was established in 1996 by Sune Wentzel, 6x World Champion in Frisbee (previously under firms that are merged from Sendeplata, Sune Sport ENK and Diskbutikken)

The first two years consisted of only imports of frisbees and similar items upon request from the sports industry, as well as the small active frisbee community who wanted frisbees of a good quality. Eventually we specialised, providing everything that belongs in the park, the garden and on the beach, with both traditional and non-traditional games and activities.

With a growing frisbee golf community Diskbutikken was established as a separate company. Disk butikken sold disc golf discs and started with around 150 models. In 2009, the frisbee golf range transferred to sunesport.no and in 2015 we offered over 2,200 frisbee golf related products.

In recent years we have also taken a firm grip on several recreational activities and amongst other things have become the largest importer of darts equipment and numerous other articles, such as table games, driving chairs and hammocks.

In 2010 we presented our new website where retailers have their own login and can place orders around the clock. The webpage is a tool that has helped to further the service we offer to our customers and make operational improvements. One year later our EDI-solution was ready for retailers.

In January 2014 we became a distributor for the Trivselsleder program with tlsport.no/se. There are already over 1,200 schools registered.

The first course planning happened as early as 1993, and from 2011 this has been an active part of our everyday lives. The number of courses has increased considerably in recent years and there are indications that the trend is set to continue.

We launched a new specialised website for disc golf on 4th January 2016 in line with the developments we have made regarding the ability to place orders for both weight and colour, in addition to the full range of the largest manufacturers in the world. In 2016 Sune Sport celebrates 20 year anniversary.